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JULY 2007

Dear Melissa,

Letter From the Editor:

And, what I've noticed lately is that the process of my life has become as fun and compelling as reaching any goal I could set.

I've been leading Dream Board and Vision Collage seminars for the last four months. Women appear at the door ready to engage. They are ready to play, to share, and to create visuals that will help them to manifest their dreams or reveal to them fascinating information.

Many of the women have been so thrilled with the process that they keep coming back to create new boards. Part of it is the sharing aspect of the seminars: in voicing their dreams and describing their boards they affirm their belief that they are creators of their reality. It's the support of a like-minded group of people.

What has been so amazing to me, once again, is how often the boards will reveal something in the immediate future. Following my advice to pay attention to what pictures caught her attention (what you notice matters!), one woman selected a picture of a woman grandly adorned in a bold flower print evening gown. She said that she wanted to dress more boldly, to liven up her usual black outfits. In the weeks that followed, this woman absolutely "blossomed." She didn't dress more boldly, it was much bigger than that. She became a bolder woman in her attitude and approach to life.The Vision Collage had revealed what she was poised to manifest in spirit, in her emotional blossoming.

I feel very blessed to take part in this ongoing process of transformation for myself and others. To really notice the changes and to be audience to the light hearts that accompany these unfolding dreams. I wish for you all that your cherished dreams manifest.

Happy Summer! Do some blooming of your own! If you want to form your own Dream Board group, get a copy of my special report, "How to Picture Your Life and Manifest Your Desires with More Clarity, Focus, and Success."

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I'd love to hear from you. How do you like the new blue? Yeah or Ney? Let me know what you're noticing!

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Melissa Wadsworth is an author and conscious communications expert. She specializes in intentional awareness and personal growth topics. Through her writing, public speaking and seminars, she emphasizes the vital importance of curiosity, clear intentions and mindful communications to a satisfying and successful life path.

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  • Life Reveals Itself One Piece At a Time
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  • Life Reveals Itself One Piece At a Time
    margit crane

    Right: Margit Crane,

    Destiny has a pace
    Well, this marks my twelfth issue of Living Awareness and it's been quite a year of personal growth for me. I've learned much from the people I've interviewed. And, I've learned from my own steps forward, including some missteps.

    One misstep that blatantly stands out is this: it doesn't matter how jaw-clenching crazy I make myself trying to get "everything" done. It doesn't matter how many to-do items I put on my list. It doesn't matter how much I want to have already completed my projects. My life will unfold at the pace that it is meant to. I will meet the people I'm suppose to meet and discover the things that I need to learn. All I need to do is stay aware and take it one step at a time.

    All year I've been emphasizing how important awareness is to leading a successful and satisfying life. Once you get tuned in and live aware you can make helpful discoveries in the most unlikely of places. I was reminded of this recently while chatting with a friend named Margit Crane who coaches parents and teenagers. She shared her own revelation about life that came from a moment of awareness.

    Awareness of Universal Support
    Margit has played a particular computer game for couple of years. She tended to play it safe. Thinking that the game process was random, she usually went for the sure thing rather than take a risk. She tried to be clever, she strategized.

    Then she stopped playing the game for six months. When she began playing again, she noticed something. She noticed that 80% of the time, the perfect playing piece that would help her to move forward would appear regardless of her moves.

    It was her "Aha" moment. Margit asked herself this, "What if the universe is giving me the next perfect playing piece?"

    This is no time to play it safe
    "It was a metaphor for my life. Often I play it safe because I'm afraid that I won't get what I need, to get where I want to be in life. This is me thinking that the universe doesn't have my best interest at heart, so I need to take over. But if I change my perspective and believe that the universe is going to provide what I need, I can stop trying to be clever because I'm going to get something that will turn out so much better than if I try to control everything."

    Margit had an opportunity to put her new perspective to the test. She had ordered a number of new marketing pieces to help her promote her coaching business. A networking event was coming up and she had to decide if she would try to get a marketing table. Prior to this, in a playing it safe mode, she would assume that the marketing materials she needed wouldn't be ready in time. This time she decided to take a risk, to sign up for a marketing table with the belief that everything would work out. And, it did! She had a stunning, professional marketing display, she got up and made a brief but remarkable marketing presentation in front of the large group, which led to her being interviewed for a radio program, which as led to new clients!

    "If I hadn't noticed the marketing opportunity and then if I hadn't taken a risk that the materials would arrive on time, I would have missed out on a lot that I couldn't have planned for. So now I'm committed to noticing opportunities, to taking the next step and then staying out of the results. I know that life will reveal the perfect piece that I can't see right now."

    Margit Crane is the owner of Rock The World Coaching. Click here to hear her radio interview.

    Energy First, Words Second
    melissa wadsworth

    Recently a friend was telling me about a presentation she attended about emotional intelligence. The woman said that in marketing words are the most important thing. This is true. When you aren't face to face with someone, the words must convey the emotional message and your personality to the reader. Yet, in interpersonal communication it's vital to remember energy first, words second.

    There's a widely respected formula for communication that states that communication is 55% body language, 38% tone of voice and only 7% the words we speak. So intentional awareness is a key factor in successful communication.

    Intentional awareness includes your communication intention: how you want the other person to receive your presence and your words; how you would like them to feel about you and the exchange, and what you hope to accomplish. Intentional awareness in communication includes your understanding that people consciously and unconsciously pick up on your energy -- both positive and negative. They pick up on subtle face movements and body postures. They receive the energy of your state of mind and your thoughts. So to ensure your communication nets the best results, pay attention to the following:

    • Your mood. Try not to bring a bad mood or low energy to a conversation. Resolve that each interaction can improve your mood if you're feeling down. Realize what a gift good energy is to another person. They will leave your company feeling upbeat or better for having spoken with you.

    • Your attention span. Each time we interact, we can give other people the gift of our attention. These days with busy schedules, multi- tasking and electronic gadgets, our attention span is the first thing to go. Gift others with the feeling that they are being heard. Really listen and ask questions that keep you interested in the conversation.

      Being fully engaged. Shine your light on others by making proper eye contact when they speak (the listener should make more eye contact than the speaker) and by sending people supportive thoughts. Thoughts transmit strong energy. They will receive your goodwill energy and you will make a positive impression even if your words are few.

    Energy first, words second. Let the engaging and upbeat energy that other feel be the result of your good intentions, your friendly presence and your supportive thoughts.

    Inspirational Quote
    bubbling font

    By exploring our opinions of external events, we are illuminating our passions, our fears, our desires, our anxieties. When we interpret an event, we are actually interpreting our innermost world. Life is, after all, a mirror.

    Jeffrey Eliasen, publisher of Weekly Wellness News. To receive his weekly news or to learn about his wellness workshops go to

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    Dream Board Special Report
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