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Melissa Wadsworth is an Author, Co-leadership and Dream Manifestation Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Change Catalyst, and Artist

“I wouldn’t be here without all those hours together with you! Our time together has been an essential accelerator in all these positive happenings! Much more and even better is on the way!”D.W., Redding, CA.

Melissa Wadsworth is the author of Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community, which launches September 24th. Part self-help, part social change manifesto, the book proposes that intentional communities (online, event-based, and physically located) are bringing about new realizations of love, peace and plenty — relevant to the environment, the economy, technology, education, healing modalities, property ownership, and much more. The book explores the collective longing to belong and contribute meaningfully, and reports on what’s possible when we each let go of societal programming and distraction to tune into our authentic brilliance and collective heart wisdom. Collective Manifestation provides both practical out-of-the-box intuitive processes for initiating and energizing cohesive groups.

Discover Your Life of Passion and Purpose

As a life coach, Melissa is known for guiding women successfully through midlife challenges and changes. As she states, “Right now is always the perfect moment to shake up the status quo and transform one’s life. Woman long for a great life, not just an okay life. They desire intimacy, they long to live authentically, and they know they have the life experience and desire to positively change the world!”

What sets Melissa apart is her inspirational and optimistic outlook, her creative solutions, and her intuitive brilliance about what patterns and perceptions are holding clients’ back from having a full and joyful life.

“It’s a Dream Come True for You and Me”

As a child, Melissa was captivated by the Disneyland “Carousel of Progress” attraction. The message of the theme song, “There’s a Great, Big, Beautiful Tomorrow” imprinted resolutely on her tender soul. Years later she realized it spoke directly to her passion for personal progress and making dreams come true. In her late thirties she began realizing the power of AWARENESS and INTENTION. As a result, in quick succession she manifested her dream home, her dream man and she left her 20-year PR career to fulfill her writing dreams. Her first book, Small Talk Savvy, was published in 2005.

Balancing the Magical with the Practical

Melissa’s Brilliance Unlimited books, video courses, retreats, workshops, and Blocked to Brilliance!™ coaching help clients to fully appreciate their potential so they can from heart direction and access their soul plan. They start speaking up and standing out!

In addition to being a Certified Dream Coach, Melissa is a DailyOm.com instructor and a inspirational speaker at personal development events such as Harv Eker’s Master Your Mind conference.

Simple, clear shifts make all the difference!

Go ahead and get started with her gift to you: an 11-part video course “How to Live the Life of Your Dreams Through Clarity”

Dream. Create. Shine!





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The openness of doing the board that I wanted appealed to me. I paid attention to Melissa’s advice about ‘What You Notice Matters!’ and loved what my dream board showed me about my future. You are a fabulous human being. Thank you Melissa!”

Jean Lawler, North Bend, WA


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