Blocked to Brilliance™ Coaching

You co-create your reality each moment. . . are you creating what you truly desire?

Whether you are trying to regain your confidence and direction after a divorce, want to name your life purpose or desire focused guidance for your independent business, you deserve support. You can regain your life balance, achieve momentum, and safely explore new possibilities.

Blocked to Brilliance ™ coaching enables you to:
  • Show up authentically. Voice your passions and interests.
  • Focus your precious energy through conscious choices and creativity.
  • Reveal your unique value with courage, confidence and perseverance.
  • Lovingly relate and connect to others. Naturally attract the people into your life that can support you and collaborate with you. Shift into deeper conversations and relationships by aligning vibrationally.
  • Engage in life fully with more intention and more playfully.

Be a brilliant force for good for self and ALL.

This is a pivotal point in your life. Start co-creating the life your really want. Tell me about the life you long to be living.

As a Certified Dream Coach®, I am a partner who helps you shake up the status quo.

No more of that “same old, same old” quality to your life. You’ll step out of the trap of limiting beliefs and behaviors. You will achieve mind, heart and soul changes that result in a transformed life. One appreciative client recently wrote to me about her progress:

You are a wonderful guide. So many times I felt I was sinking. I am happy and truly feel that I am capable of creating the life I choose. It’s really amazing how fast things are manifesting. I will keep the vision. D.W., Redding, CA

Another radiant midlife woman remarked about my transparency and insights:

You are so amazing. Your newsletters ALWAYS resonate! T.G., Mexico
Distance is not an obstacle. I can work with you in person, by phone or via Skype. Here is a testimony from a client in Greece.

Gabriele Neumann, Crete, Greece

What to expect:
  • Self-confidence and self-love! I hold the space for you to know who you really are and what you’re truly capable of. I will keep reflecting back your magnificence until you can see it, feel it and believe in your FULL value for lasting changes that make all the difference.
  • Someone who listens to you. I am your sounding board and provide inspirational feedback for your frustrations AND your dreams, for your concerns AND your hopes.
  • A partner in your progress. As your accountability partner, I’ll be gently direct when you are sabotaging your success and will provide processes that turn around old behaviors.
  • Clarity. You’ll be focused and inspired to take action.
  • Creative solutions. My creative and intuitive processes are innovative and effective.
  • Alignment.You’ll align your inner and outer brilliance.

If you’re ready right now to begin your empowered life, I would love to work with you. Choose from the coaching packages below, and I will call you to schedule your coaching calls right away.

4-session coaching package $425 ($106 per session)
12-session coaching package $1,200 ($100 per session)

Know what you truly desire. Co-create a life beyond what you can imagine. Shine brighter than ever before!

If you are interested in Collective Manifestation and Collaborative Leadership Group Coaching, please email me at to request an application for the Spring Group Series.


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The openness of doing the board that I wanted appealed to me. I paid attention to Melissa’s advice about ‘What You Notice Matters!’ and loved what my dream board showed me about my future. You are a fabulous human being. Thank you Melissa!”

Jean Lawler, North Bend, WA


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