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Each issue is full of information and inspiration around the law of attraction, dream boards, conscious living and mindfulness practices, and using empowered awareness to find joy and success every day. Enjoy this treasure trove!

Living Awareness August 2006: Interview with law of attraction expert JT Chandler
Living Awareness September 2006: Growing with Self-Awareness
Living Awareness October 2006: Intention and Personal Responsibility
Living Awareness November 2006: Change and law of nature expert Chris Walker
Living Awareness December 2006: Creating Balance
Living Awareness January 2007: Acting and Being
Living Awareness February 2007: Human Connection
Living Awareness March 2007: Living with Heart and Sacred Love
Living Awareness April 2007: Relational presence expert Lee Glickstein
Living Awareness May 2007: Having Faith in Your Dreams and Supporting the Dreams of others
What You Notice Matters! June 2007: Wellness Roadshow radio host Catherine Bradford
What You Notice Matters! July 2007: Life is a Process
What You Notice Matters! August 2007: Life Purpose and Energy Healer Gloria Two-Feathers
What You Notice Matters! Sept. 2007: Success and Awareness from marketing guru Michael Port
What You Notice Matters! Oct. 2007: Integrating Feminine and Masculine Energies
What You Notice Matters! Nov. 2007 Intentional Living expert and Affirmawrap founder Kristen Marie Schuerlein
What You Notice Matters! Dec. 2007: Abundance and Small Talk For the Holidays
What You Notice Matters! Jan. 2008: Inspirational Resolutions
What You Notice Matters! February 2008: Reaching Milestones with Less Stress, Master Your Mind
What You Notice Matters! March 2008: How to Stay in Your Bliss Zone
What You Notice Matters! April 2008: Miriam Evers interview and Everyday Joy Tips
What You Notice Matters! November 2008: Change and Challenges and a Dream Board Case Study

Dream. Create. Shine!


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The openness of doing the board that I wanted appealed to me. I paid attention to Melissa’s advice about ‘What You Notice Matters!’ and loved what my dream board showed me about my future. You are a fabulous human being. Thank you Melissa!”

Jean Lawler, North Bend, WA


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