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Life Coaching Tip: You Can’t Mess Up Your Life Blueprint!

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Believe this: You are programmed for success! And you can’t screw it up!

Yea of little faith in your evolutionary perfection. You came into this life success-ready and no amount of societal re-programming, no matter how crazy-making your ego-mind gets, you can’t screw up the life you came to live. That doesn’t mean that your ego-mind will perceive what you live as success. That’s why happiness is a choice.

Your surface mind easily perceives failure, even though at a deeper level you are always on track When you trust this, you can choose contentment, you can choose to feel satisfied, you can choose expansion. Trust gives you the pause to look below the surface of life at what feels right and good. This means looking beyond others’ reactions to you and your path. Others are not necessarily a good judge of what success is for you and certainly have no idea whether or not you are living up to your life purpose.

The question is: can you be satisfied with this knowing? Do you also need to see surface evidence that your life is a success? Why? And how would you go about proving your success to yourself?

If you use American societal guidelines for success, which are seriously limiting, then the only way to measure up as successful is to:

  • be rich
  • be powerful
  • be popular/influential
  • be beautiful by prevailing standards

Of course these standards have a very short shelf life, due to the short attention span and “what have you done lately” attitude of the populace that buys into these standards of success. Today you’re IN tomorrow you’re OUT!

What if you measure your life success compared to our cultural heroes?

What does it take to be a cultural hero?

  • Being notably victorious in some physical manner that represents something greater (Alexander the Great, collectively the Allies of WWII, Jesse Owens, Mohammed Ali, Billie Jean King). This includes all forms of military aggression and fighting, as well as those like Owens whose physical victory transcended his sport to become a moral, social and political victory.
  • Effecting the course of human history in some pivotal way (Queen Elizabeth the first, Lincoln, Hitler, Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks) and usually at great personal sacrifice.
  • Influencing a huge number of people, often through a message of love or fear (Oprah, Billy Graham, Deepak Chopra, Rush Limbaugh, Ellen DeGeneres)
  • Excelling at your area of expertise in an out-of-the-ordinary and single-minded way (Einstein, Captain Cook, Amelia Earhart, Walt Disney, Mother Theresa,  Jane Goodall, Bill Gates, Michael Jordon)
  • Discovering or creating something new (like a cure for polio, AIDS, or cancer, the airplane, sewing machine, the condom, the automobile, the computer) that improves life quality.
  • Being a creative master  (Michael Angelo, Picasso, Elvis Presley, Georgia O’Keefe, the Beatles, Shakespeare, JK Rowling, Mary Oliver, Meryl Streep, Madonna)
  • Bringing great beauty to the world (Frank Ll0yd Wright, Estee Lauder, Olmstead Brothers, Coco Channel, Martha Stewart)
  • Bringing humor to the world as a reflection of our human silliness (Charles Shultz, The Marx Brothers, George Carlin, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball)

To achieve cultural hero or heroine status, moderation is out of the question. This means you need to break with established norms and guidelines. Forget about fitting in, your passion needs to drive all that you do. Break all the molds, create new structures that better facilitate your genius, hone your preferences, and find vehicles for your expressive YOUness!

Make Your Presence Matter![/caption]

Put your life purpose into meaningful context

For most of us, our life purpose flies under the radar of prevailing social consciousness. Yet, your life purpose is no less important to your soul’s evolution and to others due to the ripple effect that broadcasts your intentions, your actions and your influence through many generations and out into various layers of society.

These ripple effects are sometimes known by you, but often go unknown and unseen. Good enough reason to think about sending a note to someone, telling them exactly how they have effected your life. It will mean a great deal.

You can also use the example of the millionaires and the cultural heroes to break out of your own self-inflicted ego-mind fears and societal programming in order to access your own power. This means focusing on things that hold you back less often and paying attention to your boundless potential more.

The beauty in which you live aligned to your purpose is what matters!

Trust that you bring something unique and/or needed to the world. You affect the specific lives of family, friends and associates, both positively and negatively, as you are meant to. Be aware that we term or think of as “negative” (negative attitudes and behavior) may actually be the most effective “tension” necessary to bring about needed change. Others’ so-called “shortcomings” may actually be opportunities for us to step up and be helpful. What appears to be “messing up” may actually be life purpose perfection. Just imagine, if everyone was “perfect” in the ways we think they should be how boring life would be. Leaps come from the biggest tension points. Growth happens due to stimulus not due to stagnancy.

Your life mission brings your particular brand of brilliance into your family, workplace, community, and around the globe. We are all here to express the LOVE: love of what we do, love for all beings — that’s the “umbrella” life purpose we all share in common.

This love gets filtered though all professions and all human activities. You see it through the filters of people’s personal life missions related to:

  • education
  • parenting
  • health (traditional and alternative)
  • building, engineering and construction (architects/designers, contractors, urban planning, etc.)
  • legal/judicial systems
  • sales and marketing
  • sports
  • entertainment
  • arts (culinary, music, fine arts, etc.)
  • personal growth and professional consulting
  • nature/landscaping/environment/park systems
  • financial
  • utilities
  • real estate
  • fashion
  • non-profit
What a clear life purpose is

“To inspire others” is not a clear life purpose. To inspire others through your dedication and compassion as a healer is a clearer life purpose statement.  To be a vehicle for divine love through family is a clear life purpose. To be a pioneer in the field of personal growth is a clear life purpose.

As I said before, you can’t mess up your life blueprint even if you don’t know exactly how to state your life purpose. You are living it!! So what are the new success values that are coming into collective consciousness in a compelling and obvious way?

  • Joy: How much you enjoy  your life and accept that what you create is of value. How much joy do you spread to others?
  • Engagement: How fully engaged you are in life (interested, curious and connected rather than bored, dissatisfied and isolated) is a success value.
  • Authenticity: Includes honoring vulnerability and honest connections to others as well as authentically expressing your truth.
  • Clarity of intentions. This means being transparent. Stand in your brilliance and to shine your light with direction. Be clear about how you choose to shine.
  • Spiritual Connection: How much you let your spirit inspire your choices and actions (intuition) and working toward the collective good of ONE and ALL (heart expansion).
  • Optimism: This success value rests on how often you say YES to opportunities planted by the angels in your life. It is determined by your willingness to allow GRACE to enter and guide you and your life.
  • Releasing the old: The extent to which you release the mental stories of the past, and live brightly in the here and now in all that is newly possible.
  • Self-Expression: You are wiser than you know. How fully you express you true essence in all that you do and say is key to feeling like a successful vessel for your life purpose.

Each of these success values and aspects put you on a path of discovering your inner Home (your sense of perfectly poised self and purpose). There will inevitably be times when the world and the people in it seem to be at odds with your vision and your life purpose. A strong sense of self, inner fortitude, emotional resiliency, and a clear vision mean you won’t knocked off balance or trip over yourself due to the fickleness of fads, the whims of others, and the dogma of the pack. Yet, even if you do feel like you’ve lost your way, know that for the important things in your life you are never off track.

The All That Is built this human evolution-achieve-your-purpose paradigm with great skill, cleverness, knowing and even humor.

Living a life of direction means trusting your instincts and consciously developing and listening to your intuitive wisdom on a daily basis. The most important thing is to know yourself and to be curious about what it is you can bring to your relationships and to your work and to your hobbies that is uniquely you. Purpose is part of the mystery and magic of life. Even if you really make a muck of things on the surface, grace keeps coming around, and life purpose continues. So mindfully give yourself permission to follow your passions, to enjoy life on your own terms, and according to our own standard of success!

Certified Dream Coach® and author Melissa Wadsworth has empowered thousands to move past their doubts and “I’m not enough” thinking to access their authentic vision, intuition and life purpose. Sign up for her Winter Solstice One-Day Planning Intensive for 2014

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