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Collective Manifestation: Heart-Centered Blueprints for Creating Intentional Community

Part self-help guide for creating cohesive groups and communities, part inspirational social-change manifesto empowering individuals to use their talents, skills and passions to make changes that benefit all.

Dream Board Magic! 6-Part Video Course $25

If you can’t make it to one of my live workshops, this is LIKE I’M RIGHT THERE GUIDING YOU!

This six-part video course teaches you how to create and use intuitive dream boards to stand in your power, connect to your true wisdom and take the steps that matter!

  • Discover why clarity is the #1 key to quicker manifestation
  • Experience how positive focus overrides self-sabotaging habits
  • Find your next best steps!
  • Energetically align with your goals and dreams
  • Learn to trust in your own brilliance — which is always with you!
  • Witness your authentic, multidimensional power

This process even works for people who don’t consider themselves especially intuitive or creative. Thousands of dream board seminar and workshop participants have experienced this magical process. If you want to step into the flow of Universal intelligence and experience being wiser than ever before, I am dedicated to showing you how to tap into your full visionary potential.

Gift yourself, your friends or associates with this specially priced dream board video course. Since it is just like taking a workshop, this is usually priced at $47.00. Yet, I want everyone to experience this process so I’m making it super affordable at $25.00 . We all need to be at our most brilliant in order to manifest a more abundant, peaceful and loving planet!

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Blocked to Brilliant™ 8-Part Video Course Now only $54

blocked to brilliant video course by melissa wadsworth

  • Identify your limiting stories and beliefs
  • Get over life’s speed bumps
  • Live with more ease and flow!

To manifest your dreams with ease your heart and mind must be aligned. This course gives you the keys to doing just that.

You ARE light. Your life is a vehicle for that brilliance.

In this video course discover and learn:

  • The 7 Most Common Blocks to a Radiant Life of Success
  • 7 Visionary Solutions for Crystal Clarity and Effective Focus
  • How to Vision UP! and express your true potential
  • How-to construct a Belief System that actively supports your dreams
  • What makes up your Whole Brilliance!
  • How-to get back BE Brilliant Balance (hint: This isn’t about juggling all your activities and responsibilities.)
Choose to SHIFT from “getting nowhere” struggle to progressive success right now!

The Blocked to Brilliant™ video course features exercises that let you be the master architect of your dream life as you thrillingly explore and release what holds you back from your greatness.

$54! This is like getting a three-day learning retreat delivered right to you. You have immediate access to a secret area of my website and can come back at your convenience to complete the course at any time.


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The Small Talk Handbook by Melissa Wadsworth

A fun, easy read with valuable strategies you can implement immediately to improve both business and personal small talk and conversation skills. Shop at for this book.

Brilliance Unlimited ART

art by melissa wadsworth

Heaven and Earth oil painting from the Essential Elements Art Collection

See the entire collection at Etsy

Dream. Create. Shine!


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The openness of doing the board that I wanted appealed to me. I paid attention to Melissa’s advice about ‘What You Notice Matters!’ and loved what my dream board showed me about my future. You are a fabulous human being. Thank you Melissa!”

Jean Lawler, North Bend, WA


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