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Small Talk Secrets for Women Who Network eBook - smallAttention: direct sales women who network, aspiring independent business professionals, dating singles, introverts and shy socializers!

Want Business Relationships That Translate Into Business Success?
Do You Desire Social Ease That Creates More Meaningful Connections?
Want To Feel Excited Happiness Rather Than Nerves When You Meet New People?

Small Talk Secrets for Women Who Network eBook - smallSmall talk is the one social skill that can improve all your relationships! In fact, good conversation often leads to business deals and marriages! Discover the secrets of small talk success to develop self confidence that results in business growth and greatly improved social ease. There’s no reason to feel stuck with subpar conversation skills!

How Melissa Wadsworth can help:

Secrets of Successful Small Talk for Women Who Network E-Book Networking can be an intimidating process. You’re often faced with a room full of strangers. Find out how to transform strangers into friends, allies and customers. It’s easier than you think to develop self-confidence in conversation.

“Shoot the Breeze with Ease” Enjoy reading this article from The Seattle Times featuring my useful conversation tips and strategies.

Small Talk Presentations to Business and Social Groups. Effective communications is your power base for attracting positive opportunities and creating great results in your life. Ask me to speak to your group.

Secrets of Successful Small Talk for Dating and Socializing! Develop the self-confidence you need to meet exactly the people you want to meet. Simple small talk secrets can make interpersonal communications fun and rewarding.

Small Talk Savvy. Featuring fun and easy tips for smooth interactions in business and social situations from business meetings and trade shows to dating and private home parties.


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The openness of doing the board that I wanted appealed to me. I paid attention to Melissa’s advice about ‘What You Notice Matters!’ and loved what my dream board showed me about my future. You are a fabulous human being. Thank you Melissa!”

Jean Lawler, North Bend, WA


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