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Weight Loss and Svelteness the FUN way with Janice Taylor

on October 5, 2009 at 9:56 am filed under Empowered Awareness, Inspirational authors

I just had a great AHA! as I was talking with “Our Lady of Weight Loss” Janice Taylor. She was talking about the fact that many of us see weight loss as difficult. She says, “weight loss is as difficult as you make it.”

Ding, ding, ding, light bulbs went off in my head. I realized that I think having abundance in my personal potential coaching business can be easy. Creating intuitive dream boards can be the most amazing and easy process ever, but I realized I still hang on to the perspective that losing weight is a very, very, very difficult endeavor. Huh? How freeing it would be to change that thought!

Janice Taylor is a coach, guided imagery innovator, motivational speaker, and author of All is Forgiven MOVE ON: Our Lady of Weight Loss’s 101 Fat-Burning Steps on Your Journey to Sveltesville, and she’s the only person I’ve ever heard of who dares to make the subject of weight loss fun! What a great gift to the world.

janice taylor collage

“I can be serious, but I’m never heavy,” says Janice (no pun intended), who contended with a lifelong weight problem and who has managed to maintain her 50-pound weight loss for more than five years. “People tell me I come across as the least judgmental person on the planet. Who am I to judge others?”

Just in speaking with Janice I sense the loving, peaceful and playful qualities that must attract people who are tired of beating themselves up about how they look and who want a kinder, more enjoyable way to approach their physical, emotional and even spiritual well-being.

According to Taylor, weight is a spiritual endeavor. “It’s a vehicle for re-invention and transformation,” says states. “Most people have a piece of themselves buried that their afraid to let out.”

Taylor’s wisdom comes from a life-long struggle with her own weight and a long process of learning to embrace her bevy of unique talents.

One look at her amazing collages and I was hooked by her contagious enthusiasm and whimsy. Being a collage freak myself. as well as a believer in the power of visual encouragement and knowledge, I immediately loved her “wake up” collage which she uses each morning to get in touch with herself (in all her authentic glory, I might happily add).  Yet, this artwork which speaks to her radiant creativity, was not something she embraced easily.

In fact, she went to the Parson’s School of Design for interior design, then learned floral design and then took textile design — all in an attempt to gain artist “talent.” Luckily for readers of her books, she tapped into her natural collage “voice” which is perfectly in harmony with her passion for the topic of forgiveness which is the essential element to losing weight for good. Besides, she states with a laugh, “it’s difficult to eat with glue and sparkles on your hands.”

Picture your favorite nun, add whimsical eye wear, then artistically arrange an assortment of flowers, angels, butterflies, nostalgic ephemera, and delicious food items, and you begin to grasp her dynamic and richly entertaining collages. Each one with an uplifting message, emotional theme and a concrete step to take toward a creative act of weight loss. Love the bundt cake hats!

I ask Janice specifically about forgiveness, which I don’t sense many people are taught, or if they are, they are taught that it’s others’ place to dole out forgiveness rather than something you easily confer upon yourself.

Taylor believes that forgiveness is a big part of any sustained weight-loss process, because we all fall of the wagon and that can create s tsunami of of loss and shame. We get excited abut the prospect of weight lost and then experience the loss of that potential.

“All our behaviors were helpful in some way. There’s a duality at work. You want to or need to lose weight. At the same time you want to eat cupcakes. Both parts of you want you to be happy!” So the first step in self-forgiveness is to consciously stop using an old method (like eating cupcakes) to fill a need, while thanking it for being an old soother and protector.

That seems like a much kinder, gentler way to handle moments of diet self-sabotage than the methods I’ve used in the past –namely beating myself up and asking rhetorically: “Where in God’s name is your will power!” Taylor would likely hand me one of her clever “Get Out of Jail Free” cards peppered throughout her book, that read: “The Sin City food police have arrested you. This card may be kept until needed…All is forgiven, move on.”

“When we don’t move on, we’re letting the past masquerade as the future. We’re predicting from the past..I failed before, so I will fail again,” explains Taylor. To stay in the moment ask yourself: What would weight loss give me that I wouldn’t have otherwise?”

Taylor says that a number of people will answer health, yet for many the real answer is about being attractive, about being “normal.” “It’s okay to have healthy vanity around wanting to look good,” she states. A refreshingly honest statement from a woman who freely offers creative, humorous steps that take you to a new point of view around weight.

Imagination, play and creativity are seriously missing from most weight loss programs. If you want to experience a paradigm shift in your own life around weight loss, then check out her Holiday Diet, which will be posted soon at www.ourladyofweightloss.com. You don’t have to gain weight during the holidays and Taylor will show you how to kick this old accepted reality to the curb.

In the meantime buy “All is Forgiven, Move On” and join her “Kick in the Tush Club.”It may be just the FUN inspiration you need to get you through the holidays and your life with your humor intact and your tush looking svelt.

janice taylor weight loss diet book

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3 Responses to “Weight Loss and Svelteness the FUN way with Janice Taylor”

  1. 1
    Andrew Pelt Says:

    An interesting read and although I like many have tried several of the latest diets I have not been able to stick with them for various reasons. My last attempt is scheduled for next month and researchng the latest diets I have heard some good things about the Fat Burning Furnace. Has anyone here tried it and is it any good?

  2. 2
    Melissa Wadsworth Says:

    Andrew, I haven’t tried the that diet. Most short-term diets don’t work for the long-term as a lifestyle diet. I’m currently working with a terrific nutritionist named Laura McCoy at The Designed Clinical Nutrition Center in Redmond, WA, who is designing an eating plan I can live with indefinitely. I’m looking forward to not having to search out the latest, greatest fad diet. What a waste energy that has been for me. That’s why Janice Taylor’s book is such a helpful read, too. She offers practical advice you can use daily.

  3. 3
    Claudia Zamorano Says:

    I want information and where can I buy


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